Sunday, December 6, 2015

iPad Pro daily use

Information on certain elements of the iPad Pro seem hard to come by.

I've created this blog post to provide some thoughts that seem to have not been covered much if at all.

The ability to undock the keyboard makes using it much more practical when reading in a seated position is portrait mode. My default position for this is about 25% down from the top.

The device is large enough to make using the New York Times Web app the best of all interfaces to that content. Better than the iOS or android apps. Bettter than the web page. Better than kindle reader.

Web pages load faster, on same network, than iPad Air 2.

Touch screen sensitivity with fingers  seems lower than any other iOS device I've used . Double tapping is sometimes needed.

Device is NOT too large to use in bed in either landscape or portrait.

On board audio/speaker sound  is much better than any other iOS device ever.

Comics on comixology look sharp and great.

Many magazines on Texture/Nextissue look poor (sharp but large text).

Screen SEEMS like more of a fingerprint magnet , perhaps just because it's bigger.

More thoughts/observations to come, as they occur.

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